Hyperbole In Game Theory Part 117

In today’s episode of “Hyperbole in Game Theory”, Gevlon the Goblin comes to a horrifying realization!

The success of the completely unfair, M&S [Gevlonese for “morons and idiots”, aka everyone not Gevlon] catering, always-nerfed WoW over Starcraft, EVE, Darkfall is the ultimate proof that most people are just too stupid for a free-market system.

Well, there you have it. But wait, the explanation? It’s better.

Commenters use to write “you must give welfare to the real world poor or they revolt”. I found it silly and used to handle it with “make sure the cops have enough ammo”. I meant it literally. My guess was that the RL M&S who are too skilless to do any jobs, are a little minority, like 10%. Let the cops handle them, they won’t be missed.

Not anymore.

The problem is not that the useless M&S would starve. They wouldn’t be missed.

The problem is that in the current level of education and the cultural value of learning, the useful/useless boundary is simply too high. You cannot discard 20-30% of the population and you cannot let other 40-50% live in low wages. They won’t accept it and they are just too many to handle by cops.

Yes, there’s so many casuals in World of Warcraft that we just can’t shoot them all.

And God knows, I’ve wanted to.

Tune in next week for “Hyperbole in Game Theory”, when Blizzard’s nerfing Death Knight tanking is held responsible for the collapse of Latvia’s currency.


22 Responses to Hyperbole In Game Theory Part 117

  1. wilhelm2451 says:

    I predict an early Godwin’s Law victory for Gevlon.

  2. geldonyetich says:

    It’s official: when the Shadowrun apocalypse brings magic back to the earth, we’ll find the Goblins amongst the neocons.

  3. Jerid says:

    “I predict an early Godwin’s Law victory for Gevlon.”

    Unforuntately, there are a lot of similaraties involved.

    It makes me queezy to see someone say that any % of the population is “useless and won’t be missed” reguardless of the context.

    See the last 3 minutes of Rope and Jimmy Stewart’s speech for my feelings on the issue.

  4. Gx1080 says:

    “Ayn Rand Died For Your Sins” A brand, new tag just for Gevlon. WOOT.

    Now, seriously, hes right in hating the guys that are perfectly fine and yet they live off of welfare and dont even try searching a job.

    BTW, running lots of heroics (easy content), doesnt make you hardcore, it makes you addicted, moron. But your suscription its worth money to Blizz, so they reward you with pimp gear that you dont really need for being addicted. In that he is absolutely right.

    But, as usual, theres a lot of hate in his writings without any need. I think that its the why so many people disagree with him. And study of MMOs as a controlled social enviroment its valid, even if its just rantings, i mean, observations.

  5. Con says:

    The most damning thing is that a self-styled free market objectivist seems honestly confused why an MMO would make things easier and not penalize death.

  6. Noel Walling says:

    Meh. Why even give this guy the time of day?

  7. Con says:

    I can see it now, if Ayn Rand were alive today: “Okay, in *this* chapter, we look at the real lives of each of the 25 people involved in the upcoming raid wipe, and show how each of them had it coming….”

  8. JuJutsu says:

    Gevlon is undoubtedly a fan of National League baseball. The designated hitter rule is clearly a nerf catering to M&S pitchers.

  9. =j says:

    Starcraft MMO? Did I miss that one?

  10. Jobrill says:

    Gevlon has a strong grasp on auction house manipulation, sure, but I do not believe I am using Hyperbole when I say he is a horrible human being.

  11. Lee Quillen says:

    well, I’ll give him this.

    He has a firm enough grasp of the market in WoW to make money very quickly in WoW. Where I disagree with him (purely in WoW) is that his achievements in gold making would not be possible without that large number of casuals who either don’t understand the market, or don’t want to bother spending the time taking advantage of it. If 90% of the players were smart about making money in WoW it would become exponentially more difficult to do so any faster than the next guy. It isn’t that he has figured out how to make gold (that part is easy), it is that he is very apt at making large amounts with a disproportionate amount of time investment.

    Real world opinions of his I’ll stay away from. Met all types, and understand we all have different values…that’s fine. I think he is completely wrong comparing the jobless with those playing a game who have simply set their priorities differently. there’s a huge difference between the MMO player who plays a couple hours a week happily achieving little and the WoW player complaining that everything in game is to expensive (and thus unfair). I think he hears the latter and lops both groups together.

    As for the type of human being he is… I find I can’t judge anyone by their blog. Often opinions on a blog end up not reflecting their actions in life (from the few bloggers I have met). The few Billy badasses I have met turned out to be very giving/nice people when I got to talk to them face to face.

  12. Syncaine says:

    The truly amazing part is he continues to plan in the kiddie pool of MMO economies and continues to claim victory. Making gold in WoW is so easy because most don’t care about it, they will gladly overpay for something on the AH because they can, with little effort, get that gold back. That and the fact that gold overall matters very little.

    Now, if Gevlon ranked in the top 10 ISK holders, that would be something, but hitting the WoW gold limit years after others have already do it, well that’s just M&S stuff.

  13. Freakazoid says:

    He has a strong grasp on a make-believe economy because he can’t get a strong grasp on real life.

  14. Gevlon is a persona – he just says this stuff to get attention and a laugh. Don’t take it too seriously 🙂

  15. Matt Mihaly says:

    I stopped reading after he wrote: “As most readers noticed I’m a big supporter of ideas similar to Ayn Rand’s. Too bad it doesn’t really work in the real life, despite no logical faults are included.”

    (Getting a clue 101: If it doesn’t work in real life, it’s not people who suck: it’s the theory that sucks.)

  16. mystery says:

    Pizza flavored milkshake, represent.

  17. neuro says:

    Gevlon often speaks about WoW as of nothing more than a proxy for the real world. Even though he never (often?) doesn’t acknowledge that maybe he is an M&S for some very skilled individual, his point is interesting… How can we all be happy if we adopt the same measure of happiness (raid progress, money as proxies) and we have free markets and we aren’t equally good at “being happy”?

    Actually in that post he reached the conclusion that you can’t just shoot people that are M&S compared to you, which should be a cause for celebration for those people who are sometimes shocked by his opinions.

    Of course he promises he won’t become a “socialist” because of this realisation, but at least I think he’s a on a path that leads to better acceptance of *reality* and will perhaps move on to write about it without the need for arbitrary WoW allegories (and without calling for shootouts).

  18. Raad says:

    Lets give him the guns and see how many he can shoot, hell we can even line them up for him. Talk is cheap.

  19. geldonyetich says:

    Now, now, he’s not saying he’ll shoot anyone. He’s saying it’s the cops’ job to mass-murder those darn unproductive minorities.

    To Protect And Serve.

  20. Jormundgard says:

    He’s such a dope. I’m convinced he’s playing a role on that blog, because nobody could be so utterly single-minded. But resolving his fantastically skewed view of the world is part of the fun.

  21. UnSub says:

    If computer games help prove real-world points, I reserve the right to claim that Objectivism is a massive failure because BioShock said so.

    Also: Counterstrike is a fair game? Really? Not when I played.

  22. Flimgoblin says:

    M&S catering? get some quite good food from M&S. Not the cheapest and they totally overpackage everything.

    This is not just any gaming hyperbole – this is M&S gaming hyperbole.

    (apologies to anyone not from the UK who won’t pick up any of that)

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