Annyong HaseyWAAAUGH

Paul Barnett meets Korea, uses sweeping arm gestures.


Note to Paul: “War is everywhere! AND SOON IT WILL BE IN KOREA!” may not be the best tag line this month. (Edit: Which is probably a good thing, then, that this was shot in January.)


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  1. DoubleD says:

    I found this disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. “Your getting the version that works” hahaha.

  2. Jackbnimble says:


    It would be hard to maintain that level of excitement while having to wait for the translator all the time.

    Although I admit it did make me want to start playing again.

  3. Recursion says:

    Wow… The translation lag really really makes Paul seem even more disingenuous than normal. Im glad that Korea is getting the most awesome version of the game though. Thats pretty cool.

  4. Angelworks says:

    Why can’t the American’s get this version that works too?

  5. Daniel says:

    “Note to Paul: “War is everywhere! AND SOON IT WILL BE IN KOREA!” may not be the best tag line this month.”

    No, but it might just be the most accurate.

  6. Raad says:

    hahahahaha oh god, here’s to a nuclear winter that’ll wipe us all out. Hopefully most of us die in the flashes and not the other way.

  7. Nerd Rage says:

    As a connoisseur of awkward moments, I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

  8. Freakazoid says:

    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel this week. Here’s hoping for more incidental humor!

  9. Gx1080 says:

    How much that guy actually works on the game, or plays it?

  10. Vetarnias says:

    Freakazoid :
    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel this week. Here’s hoping for more incidental humor!

    Then Scott should stay away from the fishmonger.

    And we still need that Darkfall Update #3…

  11. Mist says:

    Since when does Warhammer actually work? The game still runs awful on decent hardware when engaged in the much touted ‘epic battles!!11!`!’

  12. Lee Quillen says:

    “Everything that is broke for the Americans… we fixed!”

    That sure makes me want to play his next game he wants us to pay to beta test :/ Always thought pay to beta test was an unfair comment towards MMOS… but in a sweeping statement he gave it credibility. Good job.

  13. Stabs says:

    Am I the only one who thinks he’s wonderful?

    I actually like PB more than his game. Certainly getting a Korean translator in a suit to try dealing with the word “squig” seems like a lot more fun than playing Warhammer Online. He did a great job getting her to bounce to.

  14. Kaalinn says:

    I can’t believe he’s still wearing the horrible in-joke glasses. To media events no less.

  15. coppertopper says:

    This was from back in january by the way.

  16. Hatch says:

    “War is everywhere! And it’s coming here!”… I’m sure the soldiers standing on the boarder to north korea were thrilled to hear this.

  17. geldonyetich says:

    To put this into context, I wonder how the average Korean game developer diverts attention to their MMORPG, especially considering they’ve got so very many of them in that country.

  18. J. says:

    Paper the cyber cafes in flyers. It’s a fairly small country geographically, and more than half the population live in and around the capital.

  19. Melf_Himself says:

    He sounds like Hulk Hogan talking smack to a disabled kid.

  20. Dirk says:

    what an a-hole. seriously, they get ‘the one that works”? insulting.

    tho i have to admit he has some strange flair… maybe its like rubbernecking at a car accident tho.

  21. Flimgoblin says:

    Thought I’d just missed a long running joke in the tags there with it being tagged under WoW but it just seems to be a couple of WAR posts tagged like that…

  22. Sentack says:

    He’s just doing the usual “Rally the choir” type speech to excite the fan base. It doesn’t matter if it’s North America, Europe or China. You stand there and tell them they are the best players in the world and they should be ready for a treat.

    I mean it’s a little silly, but no different then any other games release, just full of Barnett-isms.

  23. says:

    Poor Koreans even they cant escape that tool.

  24. Einherjer says:

    Even if Barnett says: “good morning” there will be a roar of people insulting the man because he “said it wrong.” 🙂

  25. says:

    No they would be insulting him because hes a clueless ego maniac.

  26. wufiavelli says:

    Wonder how war will do against Aion on its home turf. Both games are based a round pvp rvr. Aion has better graphics and runs ten times smoother thought. Lacks on pve however.

  27. Votan says:

    PB does not even like the core of his own game. First time I have ever seen a creative director of a game dislike/does not participate in the core feature of his own game. After reading this interview it amazes me how he even got this position when he clearly does not even understand the customer base that was drawn to this game.

    Quote from the interview:
    My boy, Callum, he’s dead clever. He’s a finger ninja, which means that when he plays his little computer games, all he does is annihilate his dad, relentlessly, and laughs, and won’t ever let me live it down. As a result I have a complete aversion to doing player vs. player. I don’t want to do it. And I don’t want to do it because my ten year old boy will just kill me, a lot.

    What I like doing is player vs. environment. I like going off and being heroic on my own, and not having ten year old kids pummel me into the dirt. So, what I like about our game, is that when I go off to do that I’m left alone, I have a complete game experience. I am one of the malcontents who just wants to do PvE on my own and wants to be left alone.

    I can level all the way through the game, I can kill giants, I can take on dragons, I can help with the war effort, I can help with the siege equipment, and then when I start burning the city to the ground, I can wander over and I can go, “You know what? I’m going to go into the city and do all sorts of crazy quests, and be very happy killing, murdering, and pillaging, on my own without having to worry about anyone else. I’m really happy with the PvE experience because it means I don’t have to fight anyone else.

    Whereas my boy hasn’t done any PvE at all, all he does is kill other people, all day, forever, and he’s deliriously happy, too, because he doesn’t have to read any quest text

  28. EpicSquirt says:

    EA didn’t put a number in their 2009 fiscal year report about the subscription base of Warhammer Online, so it’s what now? 100k for Europe and North America?

    Am wondering when they fire him and MJ and close Mythic.

  29. DoubleD says:

    There’s a problem when the drama behind the game is more entertaining than the game itself.

  30. Oz says:

    Having just come from China and Japan where my words were translated after I spoke (I was teaching some staff), I’m glad I was able to look much more intelligent than this guy. His HUGE words (which they can’t understand anyway, I guess) and then big wavy arm gestures just look hilarious when he then stands, mouth open, waiting on the translator after each sentence.

    It looks like it was done for comedic value….please tell me he wasn’t trying to be serious.

  31. Jessica Mulligan says:

    It would have looked better if he’d just kept talking and paused every once in a while to let her catch up; I suspect it was the first time he’s spoken in Korea to a Korean crowd, so I think he can be forgiven for the pauses. I’ve given talks in Korea and China where the translation was instantaneous and the woman on stage looked and sounded like she was good enough to do it.

    My translator in Korea told me to just keep talking and not to wait for her. She even got the laugh lines right. It was a little weird to have the laughs coming a line or two late, but the audience didn’t mind. The talk flowed a whole lot smoother that way.

  32. Georgia says:

    Paul is an awesome, nice, sweet guy. I think people just like to target him because he’s right there and in your face unlike the rest of the dev staff. Players used to target Sanya too. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  33. Hatch says:

    If we don’t shoot the messenger how are we going to cope with the spawn they live to produce. I say NOT shooting the messenger is far worse because we end up with worse messengers in the next generation.

  34. geldonyetich says:

    The trouble isn’t that the messengers spawn, the messengers merely convey that an underlying problem exists. In this case, the problem was that Korean caffeinated beverages and jet lag are capable of addling even well-meaning Americans.

  35. EpicSquirt says:

    Messenger, haha… Creative Director?

  36. Fraeg says:

    It still stupifies me to see that someone this unprofessional remains employed by anyone.

  37. Ashendarei says:

    Georgia :Paul is an awesome, nice, sweet guy. I think people just like to target him because he’s right there and in your face unlike the rest of the dev staff. Players used to target Sanya too. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Sanya was great! This guy however is just plain bad. I’m going to stick with what Nerd Rage said though.

    “As a connoisseur of awkward moments, I thoroughly enjoyed this video.”

    It was funny to watch in the same way that watching someone fall down a flight of stairs while holding a full-to-the-brim litterbox is.

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