A Brief Update: Stop Commenting

One of the personal sites that I also host on this web server (for my WoW guild) was hacked and its contents replaced with Russian viagra spam. Although this blog wasn’t affected, I’m going to be restoring the entire server from a backup prior to the attack to be safe, which means any comments made today will be lost. So, don’t make any.

On the other hand, comments made today will disappear, so go nuts! It’s like the old-school server backup wars in UO!

Edit: No rollback will be necessary. Carry on with the server war, though!


62 Responses to A Brief Update: Stop Commenting

  1. Vetarnias says:

    Very well. I hearby announce that I am refraining from commenting on this blog.

  2. Quain says:

    Those server wars were classic, I remember getting up at four one morning to tear down three houses in a crowded area to see if we could fit a tower there. The possibility that it would somehow save the removal of the houses but not the tower being set was terrifying.

  3. sidereal says:

    Sounds like a SQL injection vulnerability.

    Unless you solve the vulnerability, it’s going to happen again when some bot randomly picks your IP address again.

  4. Yeah, there are a few security holes that I’ll plug once the backup gets restored.

  5. Bonedead says:

    Balls wiener balls balls. Butt. Balls dick butt. Wiener sandwich butt balls.


    edit– Dick wiener butt balls ass butt dick balls.

  6. Vetarnias says:

    Getting hosted by Aventurine, Scott?

  7. geldonyetich says:

    Of all the reasons I should stop commenting, that you’re about to restore a backup is one of the more benign ones.

  8. Beene says:

    What does this have to do with Shadowbane?


  9. Drey says:

    Restoring the server just to get rid of some spam proves this blog is carebear. 😉

  10. Rawrasaur says:

    Not sure if you saw it on the news yet, but Free Realms hit 2 million users. 12 days after they hit 1 million. Yeesh.


  11. Mordur says:

    My cats breath smells like cat food….

  12. Vetarnias says:

    Beene :
    What does this have to do with Shadowbane?

    Better still, what does Broken Toys have to do with Viagra?

    I mean, for anyone who isn’t Sigmund Freud?

  13. geldonyetich says:

    Vetarnias :

    Beene :
    What does this have to do with Shadowbane?

    Better still, what does Broken Toys have to do with Viagra?

    It probably gets some people up in the morning.

  14. Njal says:


    I am a mage.

  15. Elrond Hubbard says:

    What Russian viagra spammers expect of you: To take your website hacking like a man!

  16. Vetarnias says:

    And in preparation for this historic event, a YouTube video:

  17. Vaxhacker says:

    DELETE FROM Users;

  18. c’mon, vaxhacker, you don’t need a transaction for that! 😉

  19. War says:

    Scott Jennings :
    Yeah, there are a few security holes that I’ll plug once the backup gets restored.

    In Soviet Russia, security holes plug YOU!

  20. Somedudepassingby says:

    Vetarnias :
    Better still, what does Broken Toys have to do with Viagra?

    Obviously, if your “toy” is “broken”, you need Viagra to get it working again.

  21. Charles Ellis says:

    Oh man, I remember those server resets. At the time for some reason I didn’t realize what was actually going on, and being that it was so late and I would often find myself thinking about UO trying to sleep at night… it was a long time before I was sure if what I remembered happening was just a dream or not. All part of the mysterious wonder that comes with your first MMO experience I suppose.

  22. a comment is at steak!

  23. Not Richard Garriott says:


  24. Drakks says:

    Does this mean the post where I professed my undying man-crush to Lum, and told him about the shrine to him in my basement is NOT deleted?

  25. Drey says:

    What, no rollback? Come on blues, what’s going on here, we were *promised* a rollback! Also, the hunter pets seeing through stealth bug still hasn’t been fixed and my warlock deserves a free talent respec because you changed a tooltip for one of his talents!

  26. Vetarnias says:

    I want my posts duplicated nonetheless prior to an individual rollback, but only after I’ve handed the originals to a friend for safekeeping.

  27. Andy O. says:

    @Rawrasaur I’ve been tinkering around in that game, for FREE, actually I have 3 FREE accounts that I AM NOT PAYING FOR!

    The game is fun as balls though, just playing the mini-games alone is fun as all get out.

    wait, no rollback? ignore the balls bit. I don’t think balls or “bits” have any place in a game like Free Realms. mwhaha.

  28. geldonyetich says:

    I did have a suspicion, “maybe Lum is doing this just to fool the monkeys into crapping their cage for the humorous amusement value of watching them having to endure what’s really going on inside of their little digestion tracts.”

    Which was awesome, so I played along with that gamble. 😉

    Of course, if that was never his intention, that is a popular enough game with fickle fate for me to still have an agency to blame.

  29. Jeremy McNitt says:

    I think that’d be more than funny when he posts that he was able to restore just the parts affected, and that the comments here will remain for all the interwebs to see for years to come.

  30. Gx1080 says:


    A single player game with a lot of minigames is catering to the lowest denominator in videogames.

    No wonder that it sells.


  31. Gx1080 says:

    I liked the Crafting and Diplomacy minigames in Vanguard, but i wasnt going to pay 15 buck a month for that. And i didnt like that all the races were: EverQuest copys and furrys.

  32. sinij says:


  33. sinij says:

    I also wanted to add that Lum hanging to his anti-PvP views in not alike abstinence sex education. PvP is in human nature that you simply cannot deny, your best bet is to prepare for it to best of your ability or it all ends up in tears.


  34. Freakazoid says:

    i fill my socks with mustard and throw them out the window

  35. Ajediday says:

    I was going to go on and on about how WoW is evil and causing these kind of things to happen. Instead I will whine about some other game and how the end game, while full of good ideas is missing one thing that makes it that could make it great: FUN! It just isn’t fun. I like lemons, I like limes, I like to rhyme most days. Mean while on another server farm, the golden key on how to merge things seems to have been lost (attacked by the layoff monster?) and people suffer and have to listen about other plans that will most likely cause more problems. If 12 million people do a stupid thing, is it still stupid?

  36. Merkwurdigliebe says:

    UO servers coming down? Let’s all do the time warp!

  37. Rackir says:


    I remember those Daily downtime Fun Fests!!

    I also remember the One day the daily backup/downtime DIDNT happen!!

    Ah the weeks feeding a beggar to lose being red…
    Fun times !!

  38. Taxi your way to victory!

  39. Mist says:

    Darkfall = penis, and the only people who like penis are gays (except, of course, for straight females [who, of course, do not exist on the internet.])

  40. geldonyetich says:

    If nothing else, it’s the closest we’ll get to Whamadoodles Online until desperate talentless hacks looking to be provocative decide to create a furry nazi version. (And it’ll sell like hotcakes and destroy its creators.)

  41. Elbows says:


  42. raevhen says:

    I like beans

  43. Elrond Hubbard says:

    Once again, Lum is breaking his promises to the Broken Toys community. This is a slap in the face to all your loyal users that just want to read about Darkfall. You are literally Adolph Hitler.

  44. Glen says:

    How do I comment?

  45. D-0ne says:

    History repeats.

  46. Raad says:


  47. Dr. Octagon says:

    I don’t actually want to see goatse today, so I won’t find a link to paste here. But I’ll be lazy and say, everyone type ‘goatse’ into google lol! Oh I love being nasty!

  48. Lee Quillen says:


  49. Beene says:

    I think someone has dropped their glass of water on the floor.

  50. Mox says:

    This was clearly a trap to see who’d draw ASCII cocks all over his blog.

  51. J. says:

    o_.-“` `\
    .–. _ `’-._.-‘””-; _
    .’ \`_\_ {_.-a”a-} _ / \
    _/ .-‘ ‘. {c-._o_.){\|` |
    (@`-._ / \{ ^ } \\ _/ SUCKER PUNCH ME
    `~\ ‘-._ /’. } \} .-. IN THE TITS
    |>:::< \\_\\_\ | ;
    \ \\-{}-\/ \
    \ ‘._\\’ /)
    ‘. /(
    `-._ _____ _ _____ __.’\ \
    / \ / \ / \ \ \
    _.’/^\’._.’/^\’._.’/^\’.__) \
    ,==’ `—` ‘—‘ ‘—‘ ) jgs

  52. Stormwaltz says:



  53. Stupid says:

    HTML formatting fail.
    Whitespace formatting… BLEARGH!!!

  54. Prokofy Neva says:

    In Soviet Russia, you spam the viagra.

  55. Matthew says:

    Man, I remember the UO server resets. That was some of the dumbest, funnest shite I’ve seen in any MMO ever.

    On the down side, I can remember cussing the devs name at some points… 😉

  56. Raad says:

    @Prokofy Neva

  57. Arkenor says:

    Did you consider that we might be interested in some fine Russian Viagra? It’s the caviar of the erectile-disfunction medication world. Or so I have heard.

    So inconsiderate!

  58. rocks and holes says:

    Or not.

  59. neispace says:

    So, I’m waiting for the ganking of Syncaine, Lum. Be honest, that’s the real reason why you downloaded darkfall, isn’t it? The rival bloggery has reached a point where only simulated violence can clear the air.

  60. Raad says:


  61. JuJutsu says:


    Which one is which? 🙂

  62. Raad says:

    Syncaine is the old ranter that enjoys pissing off people while still making a valid point on things *which I agree with* whereas Lum comes off as a RAGING HOLE WHERE A VAGINA THE SIZE OF AMSTERDAM(LOL GET IT) USED TO BE

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