Champions delayed to September 1

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In general, if you have to ask “do we need more time?”, the answer is “yes”. Of course the collorary is “can we *afford* more time?” – the answer to this is not always the same. Good to see that Cryptic is able to afford six more weeks of polish.


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  1. Queso says:

    Its cheaper than putting out a crappy product though.

  2. J. says:

    This is what you buy when you put Bill Roper in charge; someone who will tell you in no uncertain terms that delays are preferable. He had success with Diablo 2 doing that, of course.

  3. Belsameth says:

    Seeing the crap some teams manage to mistake for a launch product, I’m happy for it. Delays can cost goodwill but so can launching another Age of Conan.

  4. Angelworks says:

    Yeah every company I’ve worked for its been a balance between shipping early, and cost of further development. As you can imagine its a complicated delicate issue :(.

  5. Gx1080 says:

    Damn. Im impressed, because it must have requiered some balls for requesting that, and more balls for accepting it.

  6. EpicSquirt says:

    I’m looking forward to it, Bill Roper in charge makes me excited :-).

    Hopefully Champions Online will give Warhammer a nice final blow, after all the GW IP fans didn’t resubscribe to it in July because they’re busy playing Blood Bowl.

  7. Belsameth says:

    @EpicSquirt: Ooh, Blood Bowl. You remind me. Almost forgot to be excited about that with the bunch of far too anticipated games comming out. Can’t wait with that one 😀

    @Angelworks: Yeah, I can imagine. Just a shame most fans can’t see it like that because they want their game last week. Sadly, it’s exactly those fans that also almost explode when their product of choice is a bug riddled piece of crap. Sure, no qame should follow the example of Daikatana or Duke Nukem Forever but delays are mostly for a very good reason. Especially because they are expensive.

  8. Cedia says:

    I think this has more to do with the CoH expansion “Going Rogue” than anything else.

  9. Freakazoid says:

    Hahaha, “we quickly realized” my ass! It was a no-brainer back in march, when they tossed around the late 2nd quarter release date, that they needed to extend the beta longer than that. They had only begun closed beta in late december.

    There is a lot more wrong with this MMO than they’re letting on. “Polish” is the least of their concern. There are core design decisions that completely go against what a freeform superhero game should be. However, I doubt they’ll actually fix those and instead focus on more cheap bells and whistles.

  10. geldonyetich says:

    Assuming their investors are tolerant enough to give them the extension, this is really good news. I really look forward to Champions Online, it’s the current “last, best hope for MMORPG-kind” in my eyes, but I’d rather see it with another month of development behind it than prematurely.

  11. DoubleD says:

    I’m not really excited for COH 2.0.

  12. geldonyetich says:

    Perhaps that I sunk over 1650 hours into City of Heroes (and XFire doesn’t have the whole story) is a fair indicator I’m pro-COH biased.

    Still, if I were going off on a Bartle-esque paper on a design that really inspired me to have hope for the MMO genre, it would be City of Heroes.

    How many other MMORPGs out there have done something as ambitious as have a GTA-style cityscape, complete with interactive pedestrians walking the sidewalks?

    How many other MMORPGs grant you enough freedom in character creation that you have hundreds of primary/secondary power combinations even before you get into the individual player choices?

    How many other MMORPGs grant you travel powers powerful enough to take you across giant zones in seconds?

    How many MMORPGs are intended to be played in all three degrees of movement (X, Y, Z)?

    How many MMORPGs make proper use of line of sight, while having effective enough of mob pathing to prevent it from being exploitable, during combat?

    A lot of what went into City of Heroes, such as its implementation of instanced scenarios, was remarkably ahead of the curve and much of the MMORPG world has borrowed heavily from it.

    If you’re not excited to ponder what Cryptic Studios might be working on yet, maybe you should be.

  13. DoubleD says:

    Wow Geldonyetic, Sound like some gorilla marketing there. All I remember of CoH was how much fun I had before they implemented ED. Which basically was that freedom in character creation exploding.

    After that it just became EQ in tights. City of Grind.

  14. Ardanna says:

    They do need more time, I was shocked when I saw the announced release date. Personally, I think there were fundamental errors made, but that’s just me. If this is your last best hope for MMOs… then sad times may be ahead for you.

  15. Gx1080 says:

    Who knows? A delay, any delay will be good for the game because: Do you honestly want to play the game as is it now? And about ED, its just the major opinion hates it because everybody were NERFED! Sorry guys, but for making something akin to balance you will have to nerf.

    WAR said that they werent going to nerf nothing. LOLOLOLOLOL. Thats were that desilusion goes.

  16. geldonyetich says:

    At lot of people jumped ship on Enhancement Diversification, others back towards release when they adjusted the power balance so you can’t take mobs 5-8 levels above you anymore, and lets not forget capping the AOEs/Taunts.

    They all needed to be done for very good reasons. ED because people were feeling pressured to slot less powers heavily to stay competitive. The 5-8 level mob thing because people were exploiting to hit level 50 in a week. The AOE/Taunt camping because people were dragging entire maps of mobs into a corner and blowing them to bits with no real risk.

    It seems to me to be mighty petty to turn one’s back on all the great things the game did just because the developers decided they’d rather risk hurting some people’s feelings than preventing the game from getting the improvements it vitally needed.

    There was actually more freedom because of ED, not less: now, instead of feeling you have to take +33% acc and +166% DAM to be competitive, you’ve the option to slot out other powers or perhaps take some REC instead of more DAM past the 100% point.

    Then the Invention-Origins Enhancements came around and blew it wide open – you could boost your powers even past the old levels if you earned the IOs. The ED thing is well dead.

    I’m not a complete City of Heroes fanboy. It does have one major achilles heel: the end game never did end up being satisfying. Get a big, bad hero to 50, and there’s only a few barely-accessible raids to do you couldn’t do before. Most of what you do as a 50 is go backwards, earning the things you couldn’t on the way up. It was an incredible letdown when I hit 50, I didn’t feel a real compelling temptation to play the game knowing that every level I earn is a level closer to failuretown.

    There’s something to be excited about in Champions Online’s dynamic content promising to allow heroes to make an actual impact. Now that’s a level MAX life I’d like to see.

  17. Gx1080 says:


    Your actual experience allowed you to say it more eloquently than me. I just make fun of the people that got nerd-rage for being nerfed despite the fact that if they werent COH would never be balanced.

    The COH guys havent done the most popular decisions, but they have made the wisest ones, and those decisions are the ones that keep the game at float. (BTW, those decisions are the ones that make or break a game. See: WAR). I dont like that much that game or Champions (unless it turns very good), but i respect the guys with the balls to do decisions like that.

    TL, DR: You NEEDED to be nerfed, suck it.

  18. Flimgoblin says:

    EpicSquirt :
    I’m looking forward to it, Bill Roper in charge makes me excited :-).
    Hopefully Champions Online will give Warhammer a nice final blow, after all the GW IP fans didn’t resubscribe to it in July because they’re busy playing Blood Bowl.

    Such bitterness, Manisch…

    Can’t wait for Bloodbowl though.

  19. EpicSquirt says:

    The only thing which I was bitter about, is, that I gave the game a chance. Now it’s just schadenfreude.

    Just look at FH: the crowd came, judged Warhammer and moved on. The ones who are still there are participating in threads like: “The State of T4 in General” (which is still broken), “Such a joke” (GOA is as incompetent as before) and “collision detection/melee dmg” (still not working). Roo is discussing lag issues on your blog (which are still there).

    Blood Bowl rocks (1:1 conversion) and was rock stable in the closed beta btw. I’d rather play any solid multi player game than a broken MMORPG, but Blood Bowl is awesome.

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