Hey, look, it’s WoW on an iPhone!

I’d type up my reaction to this, but Thomas Bidaux (formerly of NC Europe, now running his own consultancy) said what I would have already, and probably in greater detail. (tl;dr version: nice technical achievement, not actually playable, but the market is there).


10 Responses to WoWPhone

  1. The bigger question is how long before the developers either sign with Blizzard or get slapped with a C&D to make room for Blizzard’s own “check your auctions from your phone” app. 🙂

  2. tannenburg says:

    Huh. I’ll wait for the direct-branded Blizzard cranial implant.

  3. Vetarnias says:

    Why am I thinking “fifth horseman of the Apocalypse” here?

  4. geldonyetich says:

    If you’re operating on $300-$500 hardware…
    …with a pricey subscription for cell service…
    …with another pricey additional subscription/surcharge for unlimited wireless internet service…
    …finally nested on a subscription for WoW…
    …and your busy perpetually on-the-go lifestyle necessitates using an iPhone to accommodate playing WoW…
    …then the hardware trick of being able to play WoW on an iPhone is the least of the magic you’re capable of.

    In other words, I’m finding the niche of players who would find using an iPhone to play WoW to be practical to be a thin one. Not non-existent, but far inside of 10 million subscriber territory. Probably far inside the 100 thousand subscriber territory.

  5. Mist says:

    I think it’s faked with streaming video, personally.

  6. Flimgoblin says:

    The iPhone has an openGL implementation so it can do 3d – as the video shows it’s an interesting framerate 😉 I imagine one of the biggest hurdles would be the amount of space taken up by the textures/model data etc.

    I agree with Thomas Bidaux – you don’t need the whole client/game for it to work. I presume in WoW you need to take your character to the auction house to do things? it’s not something you can access from anywhere? That’s probably the one thing requiring a 3d client.

    Though if they brought in a separate API for auction stuff that the mobile client can use when you’re not logged in on a PC – problem solved. Login as a “mobile spirit” with limited powers all rendered in 2d.

  7. Queso says:

    I’ve actually used to play wow from my iPod at school, not from the actuall screen of my iPod but from using the iPod as an external HD. OSX is pretty amazing. To bad it didnt have a bigger market share.

  8. dartwick says:

    People have been kinda sorta playing EVE on phones for a while now.

  9. Viz says:

    This is exactly the sort of functionality people who want to play WoW on the go for about half an hour at a time and who also aren’t concerned with the possibility that they may miss any subsequent calls need!

  10. Mercury says:

    Wow, what a clever idea. Imagine how neat it would be if the market were actually open and people could innovate add-ons like this to extend software in ways the original developer hadn’t considered.

    Too bad it’s not a free market. C&D or partner up and pay the “protection” fee. Also see post #1.

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