Been fairly busy fending off vultures this past week, but had to denote this one: George Will, in between bemoaning the American public for eschewing spats and top hats for comfortable jeans, had this witty rejoinder in today’s column:

Seventy-five percent of American “gamers” — people who play video games — are older than 18 and nevertheless are allowed to vote.

Gee whillickers, Mr. Will, we let women and brown people vote, too! Soon the Whigs may see their time in office threatened.

No, really. It’s actually an encouraging sign when the paragons of the old order recognize the threat of the new.


28 Responses to Harrumph!

  1. Pedro Santos says:

    I wonder how many percent of _all_ voters are gamers. 🙂

  2. Tom says:

    Pedro Santos :
    I wonder how many percent of _all_ voters are gamers.

    We need our own PAC called PWWND (Politicians Who Won’t Nerf Democracy).

    Eh, best I could come up with. 😉

  3. Bleaktea says:

    I can’t tell if that article is real, or exquisitely-crafted sarcasm.

    I wore out my last pair of jeans a few years ago. George Will has inspired me to buy some new ones.

  4. Therrik says:

    The fact that George Will is anti-jeans reassures my decision to never take a job where you can’t wear jeans.

  5. Bugz says:

    If I had to stop wearing jeans, I’d have to go out in public in my underwear, because other than my kilt (with which I wear no underwear, of course), jeans are about all I have in the way of clothes that cover my butt…

  6. Bugz says:

    And another thing. Should I be accepting advice from anyone who thinks bow ties look good. Ever?

  7. Dirk says:

    it frightens me that people think clothes make any difference in someones attitude. in fact, it frightens me that crazy people like this might have any measure of power or control and would try to enforce this. It always amazes me to see there are this kind of tightly-wound people out there.

  8. VorpalK says:

    George Will, like the newspaper he spews his drivel for, ceased to have any relevance at the turn of the century.

    The fact that he actually refers to two long-dead dancers as the epitome of fashion is either very poorly framed sarcasm, or a sign of a disordered mind.

    100 years ago, men like Will were wringing their hands and sighing “think of the buggy-whip makers, whatever will they do?”

    As for “putting aside childish things”… sorry buddy. I like being young at heart. Sorry that you’re upset that I still have fun. Sucks to be a second rate columnist in a dying industry.

    Retirement and obscurity is thataway, Mr. Will. Godspeed.

  9. Crask says:

    Minus one paragraph in the middle, I loved the writing style.

  10. James in NJ says:

    The funny thing is that Will is a total baseball freak. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a game for stat nerds. Not exactly “serious adult” stuff.

  11. Nerd Rage says:

    Despite the author’s apparent attitude, I can’t say I disagree entirely. He seems to forget that there are people in every part of the country who do perform physical labor to earn a living, and that there are some parts of the country where these people are found in larger than average numbers. Then again, maybe he just assumes these people can’t read.

    Once you get down to the actual point, however, he’s not too far off. The way you dress does say something about you. Whether or not you care is another matter entirely.

  12. Belsameth says:

    Is it just me noticing the Eve ads framing every piece of that column?
    Gave me quite a chuckle. Besides that I like his writing, despite the fact that I disagree with him (For the biggest part. I still can’t see the sanity of buying a *new* pair of jeans that looks worn. Just wear your old ones then…)

  13. Caleb says:

    Attacking jeans? Seriously? Seriously? That’s like writing an article about how you can’t believe people where the color “black” on their clothing because it is making some statement. It’s a patently ridiculous concept.

  14. Mortarion says:

    I’ve never seen someone so mad at pants before.

  15. dartwick says:

    Ya it is pretty funny hearing a baseball fanatic whine about gamers.

  16. Montague Zooma says:

    I’m looking forward to his next column, in which George tells us to get the hell off of his lawn.

  17. hitnrun says:

    It’s not so much that he’s wrong, it’s that he’s out of his futzing mind.

    Jeans are not a fashion statement, social symbol or a work utility anymore. They’re 90% of men’s pants sold. There’s jeans, khaki, and dress pants. Will’s a free-market guy, right? Sorry George, the market has spoken.

    Likewise his point about videogames. Yes, videogames are largely an immature, childish pastime. So are the cable TV shows, professional sports, amateur fights, board games, card games, and carnivals most adults used to entertain themselves before videogames were invented.

    There are plenty of writers capable of filling the position of “token Republican for East coast print media.” Mayhap they should offer the position to someone who doesn’t spend 15 minutes each morn choosing between his bowtie and his ascot?

  18. Gx1080 says:

    Of what museum they get the “right from the 50’s” guys like him?

  19. Aufero says:

    I fear for the future of a nation in which so many are oblivious to the obvious sarcasm in that column.

  20. Mike Darga says:

    Join me, Scott, in bringing back the word Harrumph. It is sweeping the… well, the Southern San Francisco Bay Area.

  21. Hatch says:

    He has already lost. My generation is pro-jeans.

  22. Iconic says:

    Will’s column is a response to another pundit.

    I believe that as a rabid baseball fan, Mr Will would be quite the hypocrite to go after gamers, and he does not appear to be doing so in this column,

  23. Jason says:

    You kids get off my lawn!!!

  24. Loredena says:

    Will’s column was definitely a satirical riff on the WSJ column. I just can’t decide if the original column was also (badly written) satire, or if that pundit was serious.

  25. Bob says:

    It’s interesting that Will, a self-professed insane baseball fanatic, would feel the need to say the vote is wasted on ‘gamers.’ Then again, knowing Vida Blue’s 1972 ERA is pretty helpful during an election year. The sad thing is that Will is too ignorant to realize he is just as big a dork as lil’ Jimmy Gamer. The only difference is where his passion lies.

  26. James Lileks has a far better harrumph than I.


    As for allowing gamers to vote – well, tart, puckish disapproval noted, and keenly felt. I admit that I have used my computer to construct large theme parks, defeat Jedi masters, secure nuclear material in rogue states, and slog through Hell itself. Imaginary pursuits all, and hardly befitting an adult. I should sit myself in a large stadium and watch men in striped suits stand around and spit while waiting for another man to hit a ball with a stick, and I should do this 100 times a year, and I should also issue rhapsodic encomiums to the timeless American nature of watching men stand around and sit an wait for another man to hit the ball with the aforementioned stick. This is what adults do. Unless they are doing it in a simulation on a computer, in case the franchise should be withdrawn. (The vote, not the major-league endorsement of the game.)

  27. You know, I was thinking in a similar vein as Lileks when I first saw the linked George Will article, but he probably did it better than I would have, so. Awesome.

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