April Fool's Damage

Funniest: City of Heroes wins, hands down, but I’m old-school and biased.

Almost Most Disturbing: World of Warcraft forums translates each and every post into Blizzard’s vision of roleplaying.

Not A Joke But Should Be: If you live in Austin, hope you switched off of Time Warner! (UVerse worked well for us after the first few days’ jitters.)

Most Disturbing: after a hailstorm damaged my front windshield, someone thought it’d be funny to knock out an entirely unrelated window of my car three days later. Thanks, humanity.


28 Responses to April Fool's Damage

  1. Mercury says:

    Hmm, I stumbled across this one in my travels today. *cough*


  2. Delmania says:

    CoH is funny, but I prefer Starcraft’s salute to Voltron, being a fan of the show. That link about TW irks me, since I live in Rochester.

  3. Siobhann says:

    Thanks for that link to CoH Golden Age! I was laughing out loud remembering diku days.

  4. Vajarra says:

    Hah, the CoH one is fantastic.

  5. wowpanda says:

    I read all the interfaces on COH that was funny. Wonder how those people survived.

    Mercury’s outsider is great too! Highly suggested.

  6. Viz says:

    I love the way you can see the player’s fury gradually building up.

  7. Flimgoblin says:

    Ahh that brings back memories.

    Love the items on the floor… “a drugs, a drugs and a drugs”.


  8. hitnrun says:

    Lum needs to post more heavily on general game news items on future April Fools Day, so we fellow grouches have a place to take shelter.

  9. J. says:

    City of Heroes makes me happy.

  10. ahoythematey says:

    I know this is an april fools deal, but what other charges are applied for setting up U-Verse besides the monthly fee. I noticed something about “conditioning the phone line” mentioned at their website.

    I’ve hated April Fool’s Day ever since I found out I couldn’t play as the Connery Bond in GoldenEye.

  11. Shannon B says:

    Sorry to hear about the window. Humans, an awesome species really, make me wonder how the roaches would do if we’d just nuke ourselves and give them a chance.

  12. squirrel says:

    Man Lum you and schild have more in common than you think. The hail totalled his car and TW totalled his internet. Happy Spring!

    I think the Blizzard post transformation prank was awesome. Particularly since their game has motorcycles. How do you RP in a fantasy game with motorcycles…

  13. The Alien says:

    The setting for WoW has long had tanks and airplanes. Riflemen and mortar squads. The motorcycles aren’t that out of place.

    Not every fantasy world has to have a medieval tech level.

  14. Viz says:

    If there were magic, and magic items in the world, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use magic to power gadgets like you’d use any other power source.

  15. Angelworks says:


    WoW is very steampunk in many places (anything dealing with gnomes, goblins or titans for instance). The motorcycles I’ve seen in game seem steampunk’ish to me.

  16. paul says:

    Its enough to make you wish to be eaten by a grue just to make it stop.

  17. Freakazoid says:

    My brother got fired from his job yesterday for some bullshit, made-up charge.

    He wasn’t notified of his status until two hours after being told everyone in his section got a raise.

    No fucking joke.

  18. Raad says:

    So which one is the april’s fools?

  19. Arkazon says:


    Either the charge wasn’t made up, and your brother deserved it…or they were looking for a reason to fire him anyways because they were ticked off about something else he had been doing wrong. In which case he may have deserved it, but we’ll never know for sure.

  20. geldonyetich says:

    Interesting how many Internet douchebags have remarkable psychic powers to know your brother’s situation well enough to render judgment, eh Freakazoid? “Well, the way I see it, your brother either deserved it, or he deserved it.” Because, you know, the economy’s fine, capitalism is a kind and fair taskmaster for us all, and you’re a commie pinko to think otherwise.

    Anywho, April Fools was fun. I rather liked EverQuest’s class names.

  21. Raad says:

    YOUR PANTIES, UNTWIST THEM. Nah kidding, yeah that guy was a douche, I’m still wondering though, which part is the april’s fools?

  22. Arrakiv says:

    I would totally play the CoH MUD.

    Although, I totally agree that the TWC thing is amazingly retarded to new heights. When I first read that, I had hoped it was a joke… but knew it wasn’t. I’m currently in Austin as well, with TWC, so… Heck, I can use up a month worth of Bandwidth a day just using Hulu and Netflix. Sadly UVerse isn’t in my area of the city yet. 😦

  23. Orrey says:


    Ranger = Corpse

    God that still hits so close to home it has to be funny even all these years later 🙂

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  25. Freakazoid says:

    Neither is the april fools. They both really happened.

  26. Raad says:

    Wow, that sucks =/

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