Kotaku Is Awesome

Apple, if this rumor is accurate, blazes new trails in screwing over developers.


  • According to comments here and on the Kotaku story, the agreement in question hasn’t changed.
  • The default EULA Apple supplies to its app vendors (which can be replaced) specifically denies refunds.
  • Also, iPhone developers who have processed refunds haven’t been levied a 100% chargeback, just the expected 70% chargeback.
  • More details here.
  • So, uh, yeah, Kotaku.)

18 Responses to Kotaku Is Awesome

  1. Tipa says:

    Wow, that sucks. I had this cool “match 3” game ready to go. It was an original twist on the familiar game, too.

  2. Lucas says:

    It’s not accurate. That clause was in previous versions of the agreement. Apple already does give out refunds, just not for “hey yo dis game suks.”

    No need to be alarmed, this is just the usual Kotaku tomfoolery.

  3. hellfire says:

    The bigger question is why isn’t your iPhone jailbroken?

    Note: jailbreak != unlock. 😛

  4. Arrakiv says:

    But jailbroken phones infringe upon Apple’s patents! … somehow!

  5. Mercury says:

    Man, that’s disappointing. It’s pretty much a captive market, although the jailbreak guy trying to compete with the App Store may have some more traction now.

    Until the lawyers show up.

    Of course, the refund rate is pretty low – and as Lucas said above, it probably was in the agreement from the get-go. Apple has a notoriously bad history for being rude to their developers and I think we’ve all seen the effects of that over the years.

  6. Boanerges says:

    Since when is Kotaku a good source of news?

  7. jinstevens says:

    I think a couple of people have their sarcasm meters broken. 🙂

  8. Klaitu says:

    I have less than zero interest in anything apple does.

    I also have less than zero interest in anything Kotaku posts.

    I am having trouble deciding which I care less about.

  9. ixobelle says:

    wow, apple’s a dick to people trying to further their advancement of their platforms? I seem to remember a company called Power Computing that sold cheap mac clones a while back.

    Yeah, you gotta talk about them in the past tense these days.

  10. Octal40 says:

    #6, Exactly!

  11. roc says:

    And here I thought people had long since learned to bring their 40lb bag of salt when reading Kotaku?

  12. Brask Mumei says:

    What boggles my mind is why their isn’t a 30 day no question asked refund in the app store already.

    No, not a 24 hour – that is silly, you’d get too many returns with a 24 hour return.

    30 days is the sort of policy genius is made of. Vast majority of people will, of course, *mean* to return on the 29th day, but will, of course, forget. Only if the game was really hated or they were really cheap (or someone automates the return policy) would the game be returned.

    The cheap people are actually a feature. This means you can have some super-players that just try and return most of the app-stores games. They act as taste testers and help the rest of us determine what is good through word-of-mouth. Making money from taste testers isn’t the goal – this is why free review copies of games are happily mailed out. The advantage here is taste testers are identified by their behaviour patterns rather than some game magazine establishment.

    OTOH, as for apple keeping a commission on refunded games. This is BS. But I’m not surprised, considering apple.

  13. Brent Michael Krupp says:

    Maybe they’re trying to punish developers that sell crappy apps?

  14. Ratix240sx says:

    lol Kotaku

  15. wilhelm2451 says:


    Wow, you had to reach back 10+ years for some other way Apple wasn’t playing nice with devs? That is so past tense that it is ancient history here in the valley. And Apple gave Power Computer $100 million in stock (at 1997 prices) to go away. The Mac clone thing was a bad idea for the platform, and implemented badly as well. Apple paid it off and went on to better things.

  16. hellfire says:

    Brent Michael Krupp :
    Maybe they’re trying to punish developers that sell crappy apps?

    Something tells me you’ve NEVER browsed the App store.

    It’s pretty hilarious that Cydia has a higher signal:noise ratio.

  17. Mike says:

    I immediately sent that to a friend of mine working on an iphone app for a startup, and he was like “Remember that whole ‘No one will hire a WoW player thing?… yeah, fucking Kotaku.”

    Sigh. Game journalism.

  18. Iggep says:

    Seems there is more to the story than otherwise might be thought.


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