Mainstream Media Mistress Cruel, Harsh, But Not In A Way That Earns You L$

Valleywag doomcasts Second Life for the sin of no longer being trendy.

Those who can’t do, teach. Second Life, the most overhyped virtual world, has been abandoned even by its most fervent journalistic promoters, like Reuters and Wired. It’s now pitching itself as an online schoolhouse.

The article goes on to bemoan Linden Lab actually having a profitable business model for Second Life (server rentals, currency arbitrage) that doesn’t include parties for bloggers. Valleywag’s been doomcasting Second Life for at least two years now, so it’s understandable that they’re a bit nervous Second Life may survive Valleywag/Gawker.

The best summary comes from, oddly enough, my guild leader in World of Warcraft, who sent me this story with the note:

Seems like Second Life doesn’t encourage sanity in those discussing it.


5 Responses to Mainstream Media Mistress Cruel, Harsh, But Not In A Way That Earns You L$

  1. Raad says:

    I never liked Second Life much because I came from the whole PN circle. Great griefing game though.

  2. Vivianne Draper says:

    lol SL has had a huge education section for about 3 years now. Welcome to the party Valleywag! In other news you can also make things out of prims for money in SL. Also there are griefers.

  3. Vetarnias says:

    Never cared much about Second Life.

    However, I could never tolerate Gawker & Co. Snark as a business model? No thanks.

  4. McCann says:

    Valleywag who? Gawker what? Should I care about the opinions of a failed business like theirs?

  5. chas says:

    I always preferred the variant with more depth and double meaning “those who can, do… those who can’t… well, they’ll manage…”

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