NCsoft: Follow The Bouncing Money

Adam Martin breaks down the (not very) hidden subtext behind the recent NCsoft ‘restructurings’.

All this waffle about becoming “a unified organization under NC West”, and the reporting by bloggers and journalists that this was “consolidating” the subsidiaries and offices (they were already consolidated, you know) … what a load of crap. Follow the money, guys: who has the power now, and what unites those people? And if the answer is “nothing”, then ask yourself: who stands to benefit from an exec team comprised of individuals that are likely to be in conflict?

Look at the Directors of NC West:

  1. Jeff Strain – Co-founder of Arena.Net, Director of
  2. Chris Chung – Director of Arena.Net
  3. Pat Wyatt – Co-founder of Arena.Net, Director of
  4. David Reid – only started working at NCsoft 2 months ago

Notice a pattern?


8 Responses to NCsoft: Follow The Bouncing Money

  1. EpicSquirt says:

    Aren’t those the peeps behind Starcraft, Diablo and Guild Wars?

    Good. GW2 could become a success.

  2. DrewC says:

    When the Mythic layoff news broke, I immediately contacted my friend there to see if he still had a job (thankfully, he did). I also have friends at Carbine and Arena.Net. When the NCSoft layoffs were announced, even before I read the article stating it was NCSoft Austin and Europe, I wasn’t worried for them. It’s pretty clear what NCSoft is doing in North America.

  3. Abalieno says:

    If you read the numerous financial reports these days you’ll see that EVERY ONE repeats the same pattern: “focus on sequels and sure-bets”.

    Crisis = uncertainty.

    Right now big companies aren’t and won’t dare to found risky or unproven projects. Nor they’ll waste money on minor products. It’s big blockbuster sequels or nothing.

    On the other side I think this opens a big opportunity for smaller studios that stick to one project and do it well. Plenty of opportunity for innovation, as long it is focused and done without requiring big budgets/foundings.

    I think this is also a very long term reward for those companies that don’t sell out and just scale up accordingly to what they achieve, sticking to what they do best (and without doing everything and nothing).

  4. Klaitu says:

    I have to admit, I really have no interest in anything that NCsoft is doing.

  5. etherealwolf says:

    GW franchise makes money, not suprising that they get preferred status.

  6. Michael Pearson says:

    Oh, good! GW has generally been a great success.

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