My Space Tank Is Fight



8 Responses to My Space Tank Is Fight

  1. Arrakiv says:

    Dawn of War II: Doing their part to help the US economy by giving the auto industry something else to make cars for. Good work, guys!

  2. pharniel says:

    that’s one mighty fine rhino you got there.
    now for the power armour.

  3. Vetarnias says:

    I… er… assume it fits under the “tractors” part of this blog?

  4. Pinwiz says:

    Less videos, more maps and fix the broken multiplayer balance.

  5. Firecrak says:

    Why would they paint it up in the most boring chapters colours ever…beige

  6. Brian J. says:

    Actually, it is Red. But, now it is also covered in MUD. 🙂

  7. Freakazoid says:

    I would have preferred to see a leman russ with a working battle cannon.

    But then I am an IG fanboy.

  8. Guido Jones says:

    A Rhino with no side pods or turret? lame.

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