A Modest Proposal

Adam Martin has a plan for dealing with recruiters.

I’ve never failed to appreciate the sheer… gumption of recruiters who call you on your work phone. “Hi, this is Scott. How’d you get this number. Oh, you got it from my business card passed down from three other people, right. No, I’m not looking for another job. Yes, I’m a lead designer. No, I’m not wanting to move to Shanghai. No, really. I’m sure. Yep. Yes, if I ever get so angsty that I’m willing to discuss jumping ship in the middle of an open workspace with 8 of my team members listening in, I will definitely give you a call. No, really, YOU have a nice day.”


7 Responses to A Modest Proposal

  1. TPRJones says:

    “seven figures or stfu”

  2. Matt Mihaly says:

    My favorite muppet-recruiter story: A particular recruiter has twice phoned my cell phone (god knows how he got that number) and asked to talk to one of my employees.

    Imagine how angsty you’d have to be to take a call from a recruiter on your boss’s Blackberry while he stands there looking at you wondering wtf is going on.


  3. Ashendarei says:

    TPRJones :“seven figures or stfu”

    even that would be stretching it 😀

  4. Merkwurdigliebe says:

    I’d kill for a recruiter to call me with a job for which my skills actually qualify me.

  5. Wagner James Au says:

    Dang dude, you got a job offer to Shanghai? Insanely cool city, seriously jaw-dropping “OMFG we’re 50 years into the future here”, it’d be like working in *Blade Runner*. Plus, juicy pork dumplings that burst in your mouth when you bite them.

  6. Balasarius says:

    I wish recruiters would call me. 😦

  7. Jason says:

    You know what’s even more fun? When recruiters call you about a job you’re interested in, and they say they have to talk to the technical leads, you have a nice conversation about your experience, you feel confident and then you never hear back them.

    yeah. that’s kinda special.

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