I Can Never Die. I Can Only Watch. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. As The Wheel Turns. And Time Continues Its Inexorable Path. And I Will Be Here As The World Flickers And Dies. And I Will Remember Hyperjump Is Shift-9.

A Brief History Of Computer Gaming

Battlecruiser 3000AD, 1997

Battlecruiser Millenium, 2001

Universal Combat, 2004

Universal Combat: A World Apart, 2005

Universal Combat: Collector’s Edition, 2007

All Aspect Warfare, 2009

I never have – and never will – design, fund and develop games for the masses. I cater to the same like minded folks who keep buying my games. Invariably, as with all games, you win some, you lose some. Doing what you love and being able to pay your bills so you continue to do just that, is the key to success.

So yeah, go ahead, laugh. Your Pink slip (to go with the Pink tutu) is just around the corner. Me? I get to make games.

— Derek Smart, game developer eternal.


18 Responses to I Can Never Die. I Can Only Watch. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. As The Wheel Turns. And Time Continues Its Inexorable Path. And I Will Be Here As The World Flickers And Dies. And I Will Remember Hyperjump Is Shift-9.

  1. J. says:

    Yeah, I dunno, sure seems like he’s been able to stay in some semblance of business all this time. Even if he is more or less remaking the same game. You could argue that he’s not the only one who does that.

  2. EricFate says:

    So it’s like Madden, in space?

  3. Makaze says:

    If “Dr.” Derek Smart weren’t such a douchebag I’d actually applaud him for being a moderately successful independent developer trying to break out of the industry standard niches and making something he loves while enjoying it, even if the implementation sucks.

    But then, he opens his mouth…

  4. Tide says:

    From the outside, if you know nothing of the developer, there is a certain purity to these games. If not just single-mindedness. And there is something commedable in someone that keeps working to better a title. Yeah, I know I’m feeling kind today.

  5. Iconic says:

    Wow, he’s still going?

    That’s pretty impressive.

  6. Breed says:

    I almost bought this game way back when, then I read his comments.

    How about a game of vga planets.

  7. Rodalpho says:

    bloody mar– I mean, derek smart derek smart DEREK SMART! I invoke thee!

  8. maess says:

    what an f-ing cock,

  9. etherealwolf says:

    oh no scott, you’ve invoked the name of DS, hopefully the summoning circle will hold up. XD

  10. damijin says:

    He seems like an alright guy.

    I’d chill with him.

  11. Comstar says:

    Man’s got a dream, and unlike the vast majority of us, actually built it. Gotta praise him for that, if nothing else.

    Me, I never did learn how to do a standing cold start of an F-16 Block 52, but I was pretty good at locking up a target in one of 16 different radar modes. Did you know F-16 Allied Force is still on sale in EB Games?

  12. Freakazoid says:

    He’s sort of like a shounen anime. After all the beatings and the name callings, he still has the fighting spirit to stand up.

    I’m just waiting for the chapter where he attracts a cute but shy middle school girl with his own awkward shyness.

  13. J. says:

    damijin :He seems like an alright guy.
    I’d chill with him.

    Yeah, just don’t ask him to get a Coke for you.

  14. Rasputin says:

    I already cast CoP:Derek Smart on this thread. No worries.

  15. chabuhi says:

    I was so stoked for Battlecruiser when it was first in development. Fortunately, this was back during a time when I didn’t have much in the way of disposable income (oh, wait, I’m back in that time now) and would actually let the reviews shake out before buying a game. So, I skipped it.

    About a year ago, maybe, I spotted it on GameTap and thought I’d give it a try. After all, it was (I think) the Millennium edition which was supposed to actually work. It didn’t. Now, that could be due more to the fact that my new rig was just too F’ing uber for it, but somehow I suspect that’s not the real reason.

    Question to those in the know: Does Derek Smart out-JohnRomero John Romero?

  16. Klaitu says:

    Have you actually had a conversation with Derek Smart? I have.

    I mean, Battlecruiser was a sweet idea in the same vein as Elite, so I tried playing it, and half the time it would crash on me, and the other half of the time, I couldn’t find the right page in the 900 page long instruction manual that told me that I had to hold ctrl-alt-shift-flag-w-q to activate the windshield wipers.

    So, I went over to the official Battlecruiser message boards and talked to Derek Smart, because he’s apparently the only person who is on them (maybe he ran everyone else off). It didn’t matter that every other game in the universe ran fine, but his didn’t.. the problem with the crashing was “my computer”. It also didn’t seem to matter that every post on the board was from a different person having the same crash. “My code can’t possibly be flawed” he would be known to say.

    Anyways, I was turned off of Battlecruiser from that point on. I expect his new release will be a memory-leaking bug-ridden system resource hog that crashes every 10-20 minutes. I still like the concept of Battlecruiser, I just wish it had a developer who knew what he was doing.

  17. anachronym says:

    Speaking of game development blasts from the past, I just ran into a sidebar advertisement on a warcraft-related site for ‘Nodiatis’… apparently the newest masterpiece from Glitchless. I was a bit surprised to find that they’re still in business. I’ll let a braver soul than I try actually installing it…

  18. Zuzax says:

    I was brave enough to go to their site where I was pleased to see that Dawn is still in development, and still plans to be all things to all people. Your fetuspult awaits.

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