Patch Day Goes Poorly For Some, Well For Others

Poorly: Blizzard, which decided Lich King’s release was going so well it was time to remind people what haphazard maintenance looks like.

Better: Few complaints, still some class balance issues

Vice President

  • The Vice President has been correctly reclassified as a pet.
  • No longer immune to damage from the Legislative and Judicial classes.
  • The Vice President will no longer aggro on friendly targets. This bug was identified with Ranged Attacks and the Head Shot ability.
  • Reveal Identity: this debuff will no longer be able to target Covert Operatives.
  • Messages to and from the Vice President will now be correctly saved to the chat log.
  • A rendering bug was affecting the Vice President’s visibility, making him virtually invisible to the rest of the server. This has been addressed.

Note the developer response to QA testing, helpfully posted in the comments thread of that post a few down.

Reputation with various factions are being rebalanced. The gradated reputation scale was erroneously being overwritten by the binary For Us/ Against Us flag.

–Legacy scale has been restored. Please note that this use of fuzzy logic closely resembles the v.2000 and previous, which led to the v.2001.9.11 disaster, which, even if handled incorrectly, still has not been solved.

(Thanks to Darius at Tiny Subversions for the link)


14 Responses to Patch Day Goes Poorly For Some, Well For Others

  1. D-0ne says:

    I do not find 9/11 jokes funny, ever. Nor were the policies of 200 and before responsible for 9/11.

    If Reagan gets credit for freeing the Iranian hostages, Bush gets full credit for 9/11.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Talance says:

    I’d agree, 9/11 jokes just aren’t funny.

    I can’t imagine how one can say that Bush was primarily responsible for 9/11. Last time I checked, some Islamic extremists from Saudi Arabia and other assorted Middle Eastern countries flew the planes. Odd as it may sound, I blame them.

    And I don’t see the parallel to the Iranian hostages.

  3. Raelyf says:

    It wasn’t a 9/11 joke, and it wasn’t meant to be funny.

  4. Viz says:

    Speaking of which, I seem to recall that some other journalists ultimately found that the source of the leak on the whole Plame affair was Armitage, Armitage confirmed this, and there is no evidence that anybody in the White House had any idea what the hell was going on.

  5. Toastrider says:

    Just remember, kids: you won’t be able to hang the problems on Dubya forever.

    I don’t doubt that some will /try/, though.

  6. Jeremy Preacher says:

    Viz, source?

  7. Viz says:

    I followed it through the Wall Street Journal at the time; I don’t remember the exact articles, but the references are now up on Wikipedia under both Libby’s article and Richard Armitage’s (and don’t appear to be falsified). According to the Washington Post, Armitage himself admitted to being the leak in 2006.

    This being the case, what, exactly, Lewis was “obstructing” becomes very unclear. If, as Armitage asserts, Fitzgerald knew that he was the leak but told him not to say anything, then the whole thing smells like a setup.

  8. JuJutsu says:

    Gee whiz, I thought there was a trial and everything…must’ve been some vast left-wing conspiracy and corruption in the judicial system. It’s a wonder that Bush didn’t issue a pardon instead of a commutation to correct this horrific miscarriage of justice.

  9. Boanerges says:

    I heard Obama had to lay off 17 journalists at CNN, MSNBC and the NY Times this week. It’s a sad state we’re living in.

    What Viz said is correct. Link Commentary on point from WP

    And, yes, Libby should have been pardoned. Imagine if you were asked, under oath, to recount a minor conversation you had with 2 people some 6 months prior. They remember it one way, you remember it another. Are you guilty of perjury for it? According to Patrick Fitzgerald, you are. It was a sham trial because Libby was basically tried for outing Plame (something he didn’t commit and had no involvement with) and perjury was all that could be brought against him.

  10. Viz says:

    Yeah, I knew someone was going to say that. Because, as we all know, every trial is fair. Especially trials about who said what during the investigation of a non-crime.

  11. JuJutsu says:

    “Yeah, I knew someone was going to say that.”

    I believe you. That whole grand jury/lawyers/judge thing does kinda stick out in an inconvenient way. I take your point about not all trials being fair. Clearly poor ‘Scooter’ is just another in a long line of poor disenfranchised people of color who are victimized by their reliance on an overworked public defender system.

    I am puzzled by the non-crime bit though. I guess I was hoodwinked by the ‘mainstream media’ into thinking that outing Valerie Plame as a covert agent WAS a crime. I wonder how all those lawyers missed that.

  12. Viz says:

    Outing Valerie Plame as a covert agent would’ve been a crime if it were intentional. Armitage claims that he did not know that Plame was covert. I tend to believe him on this point because he has no motive whatever to out her, and apparently so does Fitzgerald because Fitzgerald never filed charges against him (though Wilson and Plame named Armitage as a defendant in their lawsuit; still looking for that payday, I guess).

    The ‘mainstream media’ circus was more or less based on the assumption that Plame was outed by Bush’s goons as a way of retaliating against Wilson for his criticism of the administration. Since it was Armitage who did the leaking, this seems implausible.

    The trial itself was highly politicized. You don’t have to be a “poor disenfranchised person of color” to get shafted. If you recall, it was a close call for the Duke lacrosse team also. Libby had already been convicted in the court of public opinion well in advance; in addition Fitzgerald was able to essentially hold the trial on a battlefield of his own choosing. At the same time, I should make it clear that I think it entirely possible that Libby did end up perjuring himself. But if you have no idea what the truth (that Armitage was the leaker) actually is, I think it’s rather hard to make statements under oath to a federal prosecutor for six months and avoid saying anything false. There’s a reason you can’t simply be dragged before a grand jury for no reason, and if Armitage’s claim that Fitzgerald already knew who leaked (and therefore that Libby probably didn’t know anything) is true, then the only reason to continue questioning Libby is to trap him into saying something.

  13. A guy says:

    Go play Left 4 Dead, it’ll save you more pain.

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