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This installment of You People Are Really Pretty Creepy brought to you by the following actual honest to god I made none of these up search terms used to reach this site in the past 4 days:

private server second life
cockatiel fell dead from cold
kart rider in china government ministry
ship size comparison eve
notes make me hurt
bill o reilly rage against the machine
online rape games
you suck at powerpoint
i want to rape you
burned woods eq
no boobs
age of conan future?
jade raymond fan
tome of knowledge naked
15 with no boobs
how many servers does second life have?
take acid fight god
judges guild torrents
lineage 2 free server close to real thin
darkfall failure
anthony ( ((((((((( ((((
data is not information is not knowledge
is world of warcraft the same as second life
jack bauer toy
i don’t know what i have been told
eve is so massive
amber s jennings nude
how to get recession bailout money
unstoppable death knight
yes i know
how to stop prostitution
free online “rape games”
is music addicting somehow
shadowbane population
raph koster mud-dev conference
illegal to annoy people anonymously
mythic entertainment layoffs
can blizzard detect gold buying
prokofy neva crank
pvp game
free play rape porn
bsg rp
sexual mmo
darkfall forum


33 Responses to Search Terms

  1. Bonedead says:

    Rape rape rape is world of warcraft like second life?

  2. VPellen says:

    “amber s jennings nude”

    I always suspected there was something going on with you guys.

  3. Axecleaver says:

    Love these posts Lum, always find something wonderful in them…

    > is world of warcraft the same as second life
    > take acid fight god

  4. Sullee says:

    wth are ‘goreans’?

  5. Mox says:

    Nice to see Glitchless continues to get the hits.

  6. Merkwurdigliebe says:

    Well, I don’t need to do a Google search for “Six Breasts” to get here, I just bookmark it in my toolbar. Do you think that you will start getting hits from searches for “Six Breasts” now that I have said “Six Breasts” in this comment? “Six Breasts”

  7. Ryan Meray says:

    Are you viewing these search results via Google Webmaster tools?

  8. JuJutsu says:

    I did a google search on six breasts but didn’t see Broken Toys in the first 5 pages. I guess the term ‘six breasts’ would have to show up more often.

  9. UnSub says:

    I wonder if the same people who want to stop prostitution are the ones looking for free online rape games.

  10. Ysharros says:

    “cockatiel fell dead from cold”

    He’s not dead, he’s just resting.

  11. Veritas Gax says:

    “how to get bailout money” was mine…

  12. Hellfire says:

    I know a dead cockatiel when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now.

    Also: I’m pretty sure data is, in fact, information. But what do I know? I’m still collecting acid to go fight a flying spaghetti monster of some kind.

  13. Matt says:

    Hmm, 21 of my top 25 are for Fable 2 maps.

  14. dartwick says:

    You seem to be a steady attractor for the rape game set.

  15. slog says:

    I didn’t know that Raph Koster was making online rape games.

  16. Boanerges says:

    So, is your ship in EVE as big as mine?

  17. Angstrom says:

    @Sullee: You are much, much happier not knowing. Trust me on this. People who get their gender ethics from the ‘Gor’ novels are one step below Klan members on the evolutionary hierarchy.

  18. Raad says:

    So where are the rape games? Cough up!

  19. SirNiXXon says:

    Pity the 15 years old girl with no boobs.

  20. Mox says:

    I think we all need to agree to make bizarre searches in Google before hitting our Broken Toys bookmarks.

  21. Taymar says:

    I’d just like to tell anyone else searching on 15 with no boobs that it gets better, honest. 🙂

  22. damijin says:

    “take acid fight god” was me.

  23. Shiro says:

    Free play rape porn. Yes. Yes, indeed.

  24. Paks says:

    2012 is gonna solve it all.

  25. Bonedead says:

    I tried to click through to here with six breasts to no avail (after twenty some pages). However, 15 with no boobs was within the first 20 or so pages. Hoorah!

  26. Einherjer says:

    are those kinds of games so popular now? *shivers*

  27. Oz says:

    The “Burned Woods” will link here from now until the end of time.

    I’m not sure what to make of “Tome of Knowledge Naked”. Isn’t that an AD%D book of magical things? I guess after so much time in your parent’s basement, you just add “naked” onto everything.

  28. @Oz

    I can actually answer that one: Warhammer Online’s achievement list is within a “Tome of Knowledge” knowledge base, and there are several achievements that you earn while doing something naked.

  29. Oz says:

    @Scott Jennings

    Oh yeah, forgot that was a name of a gaming function these days. We really have moved on from the days of playing “guess the quest text” in EQ.

    If only Naked Gnome Run was an achievement back in the old days…

  30. Nathan Barnes says:

    Oh, goodie. Now I get to find out whether my company does any kind of “naughty word” sniffing on lunchtime web traffic.

  31. BigAB says:

    Ha. That reminded me that “You suck at PowerPoint” was how I found this place in the first place. It’s funny how things fall into place.

  32. ubvman says:

    You realize of course, these posting about the search terms are what pops up later when I google them? Its sort of self-fulfilling. Like spiking all the naughty words on top of the html page to draw in the google robots.

  33. Vetarnias says:

    Oh and by the way, when do we get to discussing tractors? I’m here for the tractors, and that masthead of yours is pretty deceptive.

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