Technology That Frightens And Confuses

Wave at my coworker here. (He’s about 30 feet away from me.)

Watch live video from dougnukem’s channel on


6 Responses to Technology That Frightens And Confuses

  1. dartwick says:

    fuck thats creepy

  2. Vetarnias says:

    Wish they could do that at the New York Stock Exchange, though. What a horror show that would be.

  3. JuJutsu says:

    I was going to send a wave but I’m too lazy to register

  4. Servitor says:

    Mommy, why is the funny man dancing and smiling?

  5. Freakazoid says:

    Looks like I missed the ice cream truck. Probably a good thing?

  6. Ryan Meray says:

    The blue monkey is probably less scary than Lum anyhow.

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